Whether it is possible to steal from God?

It would seem, everyone has a Bible, pick it up and read it. But by the bitter experience, I will share that I tried to read
in my 20, then in 30 and so without having understood any of it, closed and postponed again for uncertain time. A
family, work, scandals, everyday problems – all it removed me from a true Word. Rare visits to church did not give
answers to arising questions. The life went by in turn in sins, as well as other events all around. And so would live a
man... But when I sent two sons  of to war, which are all that I have and I have then  said:” My God, keep them safe
and bring them home, for there’s no one else to trust, but Your mercy. Forgive me guilty and do not punish our
children for our sins, and for the sins of our parents, for all Your will, My God ”. I have opened the Bible, and have
started reading again; I began to understand the scripture. I thanked the Lord that He has opened the Word to me. I
have learned, learned quite a bit. And re-reading the Bible the next time, again and again I find a lot of useful
answers to myself. The life has changed, I became absolutely different, I have no concerns about economic and
political crisis, I am absolutely calm when my children leave on another deployment, I am free of fear for tomorrow, or
fear of death. I have found true sincere freedom, having confessed and refused the sins. Reading the Bible, you will
find that the main appeal to people is repentance. The Christ has come to the earth for a repentance of sinners,
apostles called to the same, as well as prophets.” You pardon all, because You can do anything, and cover sins of
the people for the sake of a repentance “. And here studying the Word, I have written out citations that the Bible
speaks about sins, repentance, love, life, war and many other things to facilitate a way for a beginner or anyone
wishing to learn the Word. The aforesaid has brought me to publishing the book under the name« What the Bible
says about... ». This book is not the entire Bible, but it will help you find a direction where to search for the answer to
a specific question. The book was published from personal savings of my family and not intended for sale. It is that
tenth of our savings which we should render in glory of God.
And now I will return to that question whether it is possible to steal from God. The matter is that as the rather average
income person, I have ordered books abroad where the publishing cost was more affordable. Having shipped across
the ocean to the port in New Jersey, and then to Columbus, Ohio, namely 25 boxes of 40 books each, all have been
received by Container Port Group, 1000 Joyce Avenue. After customs procedures, I was to pick up my boxes from
the given place. And here 10/20/09 I have arrived at the place, Mike by a nickname «Big Money» has taken out the
pallet with boxes from the warehouse to the loading dock, two guys have helped me with loading them into my truck
and I was on the way home to Coshocton. Having arrived and unloaded the car, I was short one box, or more
specifically 40 books. I called the company and by phone explained to Rick, who has filed my paperwork for the
delivery, that I was missing one box. But in return, the answer was that no one in their company steals. It can and so,
but the fact remains. This box could not have been missing before the shipment arrived to them at the warehouse,
because the certificate of loss of cargo prior to arrival to Columbus would be issued in that case. Anyhow, I have
explained to Rick that any one who took the box in hopes to earn extra cash, will unlikely be successful, as on the
first page of every book there is a statement that the book is not intended for sale. Secondly, the book was published
in Russian and intended for Slavic evangelic churches in the USA. And the most important thing as I already informed
above, books are published on that tenth donation, which my family has given in glory of God, and that tenth, which
already belongs not to me, but God. It was stolen not from me, but from God. I do not seek to pursue investigation
into this event, but I would like to address this note to that person or to those who have stolen the box: « When the
trouble will come to your house, do not ask, why it happened to you, it has come as a punishment for your sin. Better
for you to confess, return the stolen items and never do it again». Churches, schools, military divisions, hospitals,
prisons wait for the true Word. “Do good things and evil shall not touch you”.

Walter Slonopas